NorVin for sale on upcoming auction on June 29th in the UK

Registration number 963 VWL
Frame number J122-58963
Engine number F10AB/1/3308
Built by the owner in 1978/79
Using a Norton chassis originally fitted with a BSA engine
The engine is from a 1949 Vincent Rapide Series B
The engine has been modified to use a Norton 4 speed gearbox
The engine cush drive is removed to incorporate an alternator
To compensate for this the disc brake rear wheel uses a cush drive
Fitted with a GPT 12 volt digital speedometer
The bike has been tested and not used but the engine starts and runs well
Light re-commissioning will be needed before use

Estimate: £33000-£36000

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Philippe.

    Thanks for the information.

    Can I disseminate the information?

    There are two Norvin for sale in Sweden at the moment. The reservation price was not reached on any of the machines at the first auction.

    You can use a translation program to make Swedish readable.

    Expect that 10 SEK = EUR 1 and you get an idea of the expected price.

    There is also a Black Shadow, top of the line that will be for sale soon.

    My friend Börje Kollnert and I plan to visit the French rally 15-16 in July. Do we meet then? I plan to run my Egli.

    All the best

    Calle Sjoblom [×1200/object/8mteX2FETlAZ6iK0hYvdJay9bMofSx3Q.JPG] Norvin Norton Dominator 88 / Vincent 500 cc — 1955 En härlig och lättkörd 500cc byggd på Norton ram med Vincent motor, ovanlig och eftertraktad.

    [×1200/object/ZyYH3lAdhe89JEqVUcfmxoKCiDntGXI1.JPG] Norvin Vincent / Norton 1000 cc — 1962 på Bilweb Auctions Norvin Vincent / Norton 1000 cc — 1962. Det bästa från två Engelska mc märken, ramen från Norton och motorn från Vincent. En exklusiv och eftertraktad maskin, “top of the line” i mcvärlden på 50 och 60 talet.

    My Egli, the picture was taken one late autumn day a few years ago.



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