This page is dedicated to the Egli-Vincent and other Vincent specials offered for sale around the world. By publishing these adverts, I do not endorse in any way the sellers or their representatives. When necessary, I will add my own comments based on the information publicly provided, however as for any large cash outlay, please ensure you make your due diligence preferably with the assistance of a brand expert during the purchasing process.

The webmaster, Philippe Guyony  | updated on August 25, 2021

For the history of sales, look at the archive page

For sale in Australia (10/6/21) | Genuine RTV 1200
One of the 12 ever made, this one may be the last (engine #12).
Owner has the original documentation and specifications that came with the bike:
Engine displacement is 1200cc in a classic 50° V-Twin Vincent configuration, but no Vincent logo are casted on the engine.
Electric Start, 5-Speed Transmission, 41mm Paioli Inverted Forks, Ohlin’s mono shock, Dymag 3 Spoke Wheels, Twin Brembo Front Brakes, Single Brembo Rear Brake, Dry Weight 190kg, Power 90ps @ 6500rpm, Max Speed 225kph.
Offers around AU$85,000* – contact Ron at (5/15/19)
SOLD in the UK on 8/11/2021 | JMC Egli-Vincent 1200 (H Reg) 
JMC Egli-Vincent 1200cc 1979. A unique build to my touring spec. Spec includes gas flowed cylinder heads, twin spark plug, 5 speed gear box, Newby Primary belt Drive and clutch, Electric Start and kickstart lever, 150mph large Speedo, single or twin seat (removable seat hump), raised bars for a comfortable ride, Pazon Smartfire electronic ignition, Ceriani 38mm front forks, Ohlin rear shocks, Borrani rims, 4LS brakes on front (Fontana 250), TLS on rear (Fontana 210), Nickel plated frame, side and main stand.
For sale £53,000 NO OFFERS
Contact directly owner at –
For sale in New Zealand on 4/16/2021 | Egli-VIncent by Godet 998 GT
Asking price (starting bid) : $87,000
Link to eBay
For sale in the US on 12/13/2020 | Egli-Vincent 1000 GT by Godet
This 1000 GT was built by Godet Motorcycles and has a 1968 registration. Fitted with the classic 998 engine and the 4-speed gearbox, the bike is in outstanding condition with very low mileage. It has several desirable options (230mm 4LS Grimeca, Side panels, Vincent bar) or features that Patrick developed specially for it (e.g. swappable Vincent 2-seater with this Café Racer seat, concealed electrics. tank fitted on AVMs or swappable Vincent pegs with Black Lightning rear set…).
Located in the USA (Wisconsin).
Asking price: $90,000
For Sale in the UK on 12/1/2020 | 1968 Comet Special
Built to the highest of quality with the very best parts. and set up for road use with a V5 Registration, kickstart, side-stand and lighting system. The frame an Egli replica with unknown origin. Metal Profile forks. 4LS Grimeca laced with stainless steel spokes and nipples to the flanged aluminum rim. Rear wheel comprises of a conical type hub and modified drum rear brake, alloy mounts and lever have been cleverly machined including the lightweight sprocket which can be swapped easily for a range of gearing. Very low miles Avon tires.
Asking Price £28000 the machine is in the UK,
Please email for further photo’s and video as required in interest.
SOLD in Sweden on 3/15/2021 | Genuine Egli-Vincent assembled by Slater  
EV48D is quite an exceptional Egli-Vincent, not only because it was built from an early frame delivered by Egli to Roger Slater, but also because it is still in a very original condition from 1969. The bike was collected from Slater by the original owner in the winter 1969-70, and was registered as a 1970 model in Sweden. EV48D is known as the first Egli imported in this country and in fact it was exhibited at the Malmo Motorcycle Fair in 1970. The original owner kept it for 48 years and then it sold it to the current owner in 2018. The engine was overhauled completely approximatively 20 years ago, and the bike has been virtually unused since then. Compression is 9:1 compression, it has the Mk II cams fitted, Robinson front brake and Vincent rear brake, Dunlop rims, Metal Profile front forks and newly installed Grosset starter and 12v Alton. Advertized on 11/4/2020
For sale in the USA on 3/1/2020 | 998 Egli-Vincent by Godet
The bike offered here was part of a friend of mine (Mars W.) who died 2 years ago. Mars enjoyed the bike immensely and it was one of the prized jewels of his collection. The bike was delivered to him on the Isle of Man in 2002 for the Classic TT and returned there 13 years late. It was also featured in numbers of concours and shows in California, including The Legend of the Motorcycle event and the Del Mar Concours. Mars also provided the bike to the production of  Yves Saint Laurent for the making of the commercial L’Homme Sport [link on] in 2013.  It has now 5,105 miles on the odometer.
Asking price: $99,000
Contact: Classic Avenue (CA)
SOLD in the UK on 10/22/2020 | Egli-Vincent Godet 1330 Euro 3
Stunning 1330 built by Godet in 2019 with 750 Miles.
This is the one of the few bikes built to Euro 3 spec. Yes you read right, and the first to sell on the pre-owned market.
This is a Sport GT with a more comfortable riding position than the Café Racer but shares the same basic specification.
Traditional right hand gearchange, one up – four down.
230mm 4LS Fontana type brake at the front, TLS at the rear.
Comes with extra catalyst complete exhaust system, single & dual seats, luggage rack that can be used with either & a St./St. paddock stand. (all in stainless steel)
Asking price: £69,500 (listed 2/7/2020)
For sale in the UK on 2/5/20 | Egli-Vincent 1330 Café Racer by Godet
Stunning 1330 Café Racer. It has the latest spec (2016) with 98hp at the rear wheel, the bigger front brake and the 4 speed box.
Only 1300 miles on the clock. “…I read 137 mph once and it was still accelerating!. No mechanical problems whatsoever.” Oil, filters were just changed and set clearances done. Starts on the button and is immaculate.
Asking price: £80,000
SOLD in the UK on 11/9/2020 | Rare HMR Egli 1000
HMR was a brand that incorporated by David Hailwood from the former JMR (John Mossey Restoration) when JMR’s management took over the business. Only 9 bikes were assembled and this Roadster is believed to be the only one of that kind.
This Roadster has a dual seat pillion, footrest and Vincent straight handle bars.’ Engine is a 998cc. with DRAT crankcases and covers, Carrillo conrods, Alpha Crank and a 5-speed Quaife gearbox with very rare kick starter and Vincent Valve Lifters along with an electric starter.
This bike is still as new as when it was built and will need running in as only done tiny miles road testing it to set it up to run nice, it was then put in a motorcycle collection where it still resides.
Asking price for this rare limited edition bike is £38,500 ONO (2/1/2020).
SOLD in USA on 11/26/2019 | 1000 Egli-Vincent by Godet (1968)
With only 585 miles on the odometer, the bike presents perfectly. On static display for practically its entire life, the motorcycle will need re-commissioning before returning to the most exhilarating of road rides.
For additional information, photos, etc.
Asking price: $109,000
Contact Classic Avenue at Venice, CA 90294
phone (424) 265.0645
SOLD on 8/28/2020 in the UK | JMC Egli Vincent
Black and Gold, 1200cc.
REG 1969 with only 700 miles.
specification as follows:
Nickle Frame, Black Engine, 1200cc, Twin Plug Heads, Delorto 34mm Carburettors, Gas Flowed and Ported, Electric Start, Electronic Ignition, Alton Alternator (12 volt),
5 speed gearbox, Ceriani front Forks, Fontana 4LS front brake, Fontana TLS rear brake.
£49,950 ovno (4/16/2019) – Now £43,500 (6/18/19) – sold in NZ
Contact Tom
For sale in Italy on 2/8/2017 | Egli-Vincent Replica
EV Racer built with possibly a Andy Sidlow frame (TBC) and a 1952 Rapide chopped engine (F/10/AB/1/9670) matted to Norton gearbox.
Fully restored recently.
Call Alessandro Altinier at +(39) 337-503954 or email to more on
Asking price: 49,000 Euros
For sale in New Zealand on 4/30/17 | Vincent Special by Christ Knibbs
Built it in the uk in 2001 by Chris Knibbs and exported to NZ in 2006 – It has been compliant in both countries. The bike has two front heads, a Norton commando transmission with RGM belt drive, electronic ignition, Kubota alternator, Moto Guzzi front end, Norton Commando rear hub, flanged rims with stainless spokes. gearbox has outrigger bearing tied to crankcases, no tensioning required so no slots and drawbolts. Aluminium frame, swing-arm, seat, tank, stainless exhaust and pipes are custom-made. A million other parts: 5in tacho-chronometric and cycle speedo. Chris says it is a good usable bike probably overdue a freshen up but other things to do, reflected in the NZ$55.000 (about $38,000 and 35,000 Euros and £29,000).
Contact: also on eBay
For Sale in the UK on 8/16/2020 | NEW Norvin 1000 JMC
Totally new and built by JMC, no reconditioned or used parts, located in Kent, south of London.
UK registration paperwork V5c registered in 1969
New Vincent engine 1000cc to Black Shadow + spec.
See Car & Classic | asking price: £45,999
Comment: If you read this announce thoroughly, you will find a few hints that will tell you that something is wrong. As usual, be very careful and do your due diligence and do not wire money before having seen the bike.
For Sale in the UK on 8//16/2020 |Vincent Egli Comet Project
Brand new Colin Taylor Egli frame and swing arm with the main parts of a Comet motor and gearbox ,crank,piston and liner etc,with matching crankcase numbers. Engine registered with V.O.C.
Build to your own spec..Included in the sale is a Vincent Twin magneto but can be purchased separately as can the Egli frame. Asking price £4,850 | Car & Classic

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  1. Great site. I love it. I’m looking at a Vincent Black Shadow in Germany but have to be very careful.

    1. Thank you. Indeed – you should ask the seller an authentification certificate issued by the Vincent HRD Owners club which will tell you first is this is a genuine Black Shadow (engine should be F10AB/1B/… and frame R…B or RC….B) and second is this is a matching number. All the best…. Philippe

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  3. Bonjour,

    Je ne sais pas si c’est le bon endroit pour te contacter
    Je vais malheureusement me séparer de mon Egli, pourrais tu me dire comment procéder pour poster une annonce sur ton site.
    Fabrice Newton

    1. Bonjour,

      Oui. Il me faut une photo, une description aussi précise que possible, les numéros de chassis et moteur, le prix demandé et comment vous contacter.
      Vu la recrudescence de scams et le fait que l’on vient juste s’être contacté par deux scammers (gonflés) me demandant de publier leur fausses annonces sur le site (et donc dédouaner des véritables scams), je demande maintenant une preuve de propriété (copie de carte grise) juste pour mon dossier et non publiés.
      C’est gratuit.
      Merci de me prevenir quand c’est vendu.


  4. How do I put my J mossey built 1200 egli on this site? It has just 5 miles on it and at 72 find it not the best riding position.

    1. Hi, Thank you for your interest. Just send me a recent photo, the description including the VIN, mileage, asking price and the preferred contact numbers. I will published it- it is free. Just be kind to let me know when it is gone and if possible the sold price so I can add this input to my “make price” database. Philippe

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