For sale EGLI VINCENT COMET 500. The bike was registered in 1978 and features a Egli style frame, and it has had only 2 previous owners, and was in the previous owner’s possession for nearly 30 years. Originally bought with a 1000cc engine, it was changed to a 500cc unit soon after together with a Norton gearbox. After some competition use it was then stored. The engine was rebuilt in 2017 and is fitted with MK2 cams, Pazon electronic ignition, the latest model Alton generator and a 34mm Mikuni carburettor. The transmission was uprated to a Bob Newby belt drive and clutch. It had an MOT in 2017, followed by little use.

An Acewell combined speedo unit was fitted in 2017 and now shows 4833 miles on the odometer. It has discrete mini indicators, a LED tail light and front sidelight, and a H4 headlamp bulb, and all the electrics work fine, have recently been upgraded and tidied. A new coil has just been fitted as well as a new battery when I bought the bike, nearly a year ago.

Marzocchi 32mm front forks and yokes hold a Grimeca double-sided (4 leading shoe) front wheel, with a single leading shoe Grimeca hub on the rear. Both wheels wear Akront alloy rimes with good Avon Roadrider tyres fitted. The rear shocks look recent, but no brand name is visible. Suzuki GT750 brake and clutch levers means replacement parts are readily available if needed.

The engine starts easily and the bike rides really well. The handling and suspension are good, as you would expect, and the brakes are well set up too. It is quite loud, with the Goldie-style silencer fitted, but not (too) offensive.

The bike comes with the V5c, old reg. documents and is now listed separately on eBay.

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