Vincents and Egli-Vincents are rare and pricey, so not only they attract burglars but also scammers who can make quick and easy money. To secure the bike of your dreams, do not be tempted to wire money via escrow, or any other mean of payment that is not traceable. You must do some due diligence before. Recently a Vincent owner was even proposed to buy his own bike by a scammer!

Indeed nothing is more easy than downloading from the net information and photos of a genuine bike that was sold in the past. So be aware of the risks, suspect any seller who brings lose answers to your questions, keep your mind cool and follow your instinct: a cheap Vincent does not exist and if the price is OK, despite the demand, it won’t go overnight.

Here is a typical scammer’s answer to your communication, but there a many more, don’t be fool: “Hi there, Sorry for the late reply. I have relocated to Turin, Italy due to work commitments and viewing won’t be an option. I think the safest way to complete this purchase is through eBay and PayPal. As for payment we will use PayPal’s – Pay After Delivery payment facility which offers the buyer 14 days for the bike to be delivered/inspected before any funds are released to me. Regarding delivery someone will collect the bike and will transport it safely to your location. (I will mail the access keys to a reputable transportation company once we’ve sorted through PayPal).” 

Here are genuine exemples of “false-genuine” Vincent for sale that may cost you a lot of money:

Quick sale price £9,000.00 !! Selling on behalf of a family member (11/23/17)
Happy thanksgiving, but don’t be the turkey today! an Egli-Vincent for £9,000 does not exist. Ebay de-;listed the scam and it was re=listed 3 times int eh same day!! even the email address seems suspicious (Please direct all enquiries directly at :
11/04/2017: VIN37 was sold on eBay in the UK in 2016. Scammer Steve James downloaded photos and information from eBay website to propose this bike for sale as VIN32. This scam is currently circulating in the USA.