Here is the possibility to acquire a unique Egli style Vincent: a Sprint Egli Vincent Picador ex race bike project.  The bike was raced in the mid-seventies by Trevor Smith at VOC meetings at Cadwell Park and at North Gloucestershire Racing Club meetings using a Vincent twin engine, which can be seen in the publication ‘Vincent Motorcycles The Untold Story since 1946’ by Philippe Guyony, pages 199-200, a fantastic publication.  The Picador engine was to be the next stage in the racing program and much work was done before Trevor decided to ‘hang up his boots’.  The race bike then became a road bike project, some more work was done before it was put into storage. All these years later and time has come to move the project on for somebody to finish and enjoy.

The Sprint Egli frame is the #2 of two frames manufactured by Brian Curtis (also featured in the publication listed above on page 188); these being the precursor to the Dennis Smith’s Sprint Egli frame production run.  The frame in the project was the only one produced which was used solely for racing. The much sought after Picador engine was originally used by Trevor Jackson for Sprint/Drag Racing and for a short while in a grass track sidecar outfit before being fitted into this Sprint Egli Frame .

The frame remains as it was raced with no modifications or changes apart from a few small brackets added to accommodate the road bike side panels and CMA alloy wheels replacing the spoked wheels.  As can be seen in the pictures it comes with all of the original fitments. 

Far too much to detail everything but main component details are: the Sprint chassis, the fork with Altec sliders, CMA wheels, Altec double disc front end, Tank – Steel tank as supplied to Sprint’s Egli road going bikes (very good condition internally), Side Panels (GRP) as supplied to Sprint’s Egli road going bikes, Dual seat with leather upholstery included (in mint condition but not pictured).

The Picador engine includes the original cases with added drive side mounting plate. New main bearings required, the original flywheels – large diameter original mainshaft with good big end and Vibrac connecting rods, original Heads, barrels and high compression pistons. New oil pump, cam shafts, rocker bearings and arms, push rods etc.  Timing chest spindles have some storage corrosion and may need replacement, but there are some replacements included. Norton Commando clutch with belt primary drive and custom made GRP primary drive cover. No carburetors. Note that all engine parts required to complete the build are included, with the exception of the need for replacement main bearings and possibly pistons (used high compression pistons are included).

Gearbox is a fully rebuilt AMC Norton by Norvil motorcycles. 4-speed. Provisional mounting plates and adjusters fitted. Has been set up for left side gear change but can be changed to right side if needed with Norton parts.

Exhausts are Shadow 70 but down pipes will need to be modified to fit the Picador engine cases.

Nose Cone & Instruments: GRP G50/7R style nose cone with fly screen and speedometer

Please Note: all wheel and drive sprocket (engine/rear wheel) alignment has already all been carefully undertaken.

Anyone who has been involved with a project will appreciate that there is work to be done.  The parts are there, fettling and fitting will be needed but the end result would be a one off original bike like nothing before and encompassing the very rare Picador engine.

As this is an ex race bike there is no V5.  The frame is dated 1974, is original and not a recent reproduction. The original racer build information (dated) has been kept and is included. The frame was originally black when raced.

The Trevor Jackson Picador engine is the only one as far as we know to be successfully fitted into a motorcycle.

There are x 3 cylinder heads included, x 2 front and x 1 rear. Both front heads had received combustion chamber damage. This has been repaired with new valve seats, new top and bottom valve guides, new lock rings, new inlet and exhaust valves to both heads. They are ready for the new valve springs to be fitted which are included and good to go. All this work was completed by Vincent engineering specialists Maughan Engineering. The receipt for this work is included. The Picador engine used x 2 front heads originally. Royal Enfield decompressors are fitted to each cylinder head to make starting easier.

Trevor Smith

For more details, please contact me at (email removed as project is sold)

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