This machine has only two previous owners and was built and developed as a race bike and built to the highest of quality with the very best parts. However it was never being raced and instead became a special machine in a larger motorcycle collection. Later, it was set up for road use with a V5 Registration, kickstart, side-stand and lighting system.

The frame is of particular interest as a frame designed for Comet, including an internal oil return and detachable alloy oil tank endplate with the favored twin shock oval swinging arm preferred by racers of the era. The forks are Metal Profile as used by several racers and period Eglis and Shadow 70 built by Roger Slater. They include an excellent internal setup and top and bottom aluminum yokes. The front wheel is a double sided 4LS Grimeca. A phenomenal brake and very light, which gives great feedback and feel included on many EV’s in the late 60’s. The brake hub is laced with stainless steel spokes and nipples to the flanged aluminum rim, similarly the rear wheel comprises of a conical type hub and modified drum rear brake, alloy mounts and lever have been cleverly machined including the lightweight sprocket which can be swapped easily for a range of gearing. Very low miles Avon tires.

Alloy rear sets are comfortable, very lightweight in design and fit perfectly. Front clip on handle bars include alloy levers, quick action throttle and engine stop button. The aluminum body work is beautiful, the petrol tank really is a work of art, the fit is perfect as is every weld, a one off tank built for the bike. The matching seat complements the lines of the tank and is trimmed in black diamond pattern and white piping. The mudguards are also aluminum including the mounts and complement the overall look of the machine. In-fact nearly every possible component is aluminum including the pressed number plate!

The lighting system is cleverly engineered to be removed easily (if raced or for a super light minimalist look). A 6v lightweight standalone battery (pulls no power from the engine system) is housed in the headlight as is the horn, wiring and switchgear, two nuts and a two quick release electrical connectors is all that removes the headlight and mounts, likewise at the rear to obtain a minimalist set up. The engine has race cam’s, twin plug head-flowed, BTH (red tag) race ignition (Godden system), despite being a high compression engine the bike kickstarts very well indeed (thought to be Peter Gerrish components). Grey Flash manifold and tuned exhaust which sounds lovely (not overly loud either). Ron Kemp alloy race breather, alloy head mount and Amal MK2 Concentric.

The Norton/AMC type improved gearbox is smooth and precise with what feels like a different gearing set up. Power is delivered through a Bob Newby Racing (BNR) belt drive and lightweight aluminum uprated clutch. Fixings and fittings have all been machined to suit the needs of the entire machine which not only adds functionality and longevity but splendid details. The motorcycle has not been polished to a high mirror finish, it retains a slight period patina. It has done few miles and has very little wear, started regularly and oil changed (modern mineral based racing oil) periodically. A stunning, purposeful, period looking machine, light agile and fast, that would make a fantastic collection piece, used or raced. 

Asking Price £28000 the machine is in the UK, please email for further photo’s and video as required in interest.

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