This month I received information about EV48D, a quite exceptional Egli-Vincent, not only because it was built from an early frame delivered by Egli to Roger Slater, but also because it is still in a very original condition. So, this bike was built in 1969 by Roger Slater and you recognize from the pictures the very typical tank from Slater’s builds. The bike was collected from Slater by the original owner in the winter 1969-70, and was registered as a 1970 model in Sweden. EV48D is known as the first Egli imported in this country and in fact it was exhibited at the Malmo Motorcycle Fair in 1970. The original owner kept it for 48 years and then he sold it to the current owner in 2018.

The engine was overhauled completely approximatively 20 years ago, and the bike has been virtually unused since then. Compression is 9:1 compression, it has the Mk II cams fitted, Robinson front brake and Vincent rear brake, Dunlop rims, Metal Profile front forks and newly installed Grosset starter and 12v Alton. The original fiberglass tank being completely porous, a new aluminum tank & seat, closely copied the originals were installed instead, but it is nice to know that the original tank and seat have been preserved, so are the original exhaust pipes which had to be replaced as the 2-in-1 did not fit with the electric starter.

Mikael says that the bike runs beautifully and that it is now for sale. It is located in Sweden and, should you be interested, you can send me an email and I will put you in contact with the owner.

EV48D nearly stock in 2018. It was the first Egli-Vincent imported in Sweden in 1970 and it was even displayed the same year to the Malmo Motorcycle Fair.
EV48 as of today. The fiberglass tank had to be replaced as it was leaking, so a new tank was fabricated along with a new seat, both in aluminum.

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