Born for the hill climb in 1967, the Egli-Vincent is seen by many of us as the ultimate Café Racer of the 1960s. In this blog, I would like not only to share my passion for this motorcycle but also help you to discover the numerous specials built around these fantastic Vincent single and twin engines.


This blog is not affiliated, associated, authorized or endorsed in any way by the companies manufacturing the products presented in these pages, nor the author perceives any kind of income related to the published content, hence the views expressed by him are free thought.

Whenever possible copyrights are mentioned on the published documents. If you identify missing or misattributed copyrights, I will be more than happy to edit the relevant information.

Philippe Guyony, The Egli-Vincent Blog Administrator.

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13 thoughts

  1. hello, congratulations ! I found this wonderful site! it really is magical … a big thank you for sharing this passsion. Swen

      1. Hello Philippe
        Just to let you know – my HRD special is sold and went to a good home. So you might want to change the ad in your 4sale section.
        Hartmut Weidelich

      2. Dear Phillippe hope you don’t mind me contacting you, you have featured/ mentioned a bike built by Phil Cotton, on your wonder informative web site … its actually a replica 1330 Egli and was built by Phil for a customer it seems that it has been offered for sale twice in recent years once it showed the location as The Lake District ( possibly being offered through Cottons Bike shop ( which we think has since closed) and then later offered for sale showing a location of Copthorne in West Sussex. DVLA the licencing agent show that the ownership hasn’t changed since 2015 so maybe it didin’t sell? This brings me to the question ….. have you any idea who the owner is and if the bike might still be for sale. ? Last Advertised price was I believe £54950 It had done just 60 miles since its creation and had FAS 526 as its Reg Plate.
        Any help you might have would be useful.

        Best Rgards
        Chris Rixom

  2. Hello Philippe, Impressive site You have set up. I especialy like the way You adress the different “Eglis” around. Very correct to my thinking. Would it be worthwhile trying to register/show up the different detailing of the different framebuilders? They all have lots of different detailing, that makes it possible to distinguish one, from another. Regards Dag

    1. Hi Dag, thank you, I have been thinking about this for a while. I am gathering some documents but I still have to do the write up on that. I think I am not ready. The oil-through check pipe or frame rear loop are quite straightforward, but I need to understand better other details about the swinging arm and the peg mounts and plates. Philippe

  3. Greate site Philippe, thanks. Hopefully I will sometime in the future be able to send You the pictures of my future Norvin or Egli-Vincent. Keep up the good work. Cheers Rob

      1. Wonderful site for an old motorhead. Can you offer any additional comment on the Norvin recently listed on USA eBay? You posted a photo in your Norvin section. I have a ’68 Atlas (last year fro Atlas), so this Norvin appeals to me, but while I think the price is high, just how much too high I don’t know. Thanks & keep it up!

  4. Great site Phillipe & love your book.Thankyou for the inclusion of myself & 1C/7305 with Marty. How do I get access to your website for regular updates.
    Best Regards
    Franco Trento

    1. Thanks Franco for your kind words and also for your help in writing the section of the book dedicated to the Black Lightning that you know exceptionally well. You can follow the blog by clicking the blue/rectangular “following The Egli-Vincent” button top right of the home page, you will get update anytime new content is added. Philippe

  5. An interesting site. I have an unusual Egli and would like to put details and pics on your blog. Can you get in touch with me.

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