You may remember that story about Patrick Godet starting to produce his own Egli frames? After he built his first bike in 1992, he asked Fritz W. Egli the permission to use the Egli-Vincent brand, and for the purpose, he asked to meet Fritz W. to present his work. Fritz W. was then so impressed by the quality of the assembly that he accepted, adding, “…I know you will likely never make money with these bikes, so I don’t ask for any, just give me one frame.”

This is how this frame was originally built, coded PGEV2R on the headstock, meaning “Patrick Godet Egli Vincent 2 Replica”. Interestingly, there is another coding present on the frame, this time on the Front fairing bracket: T2FW as “Tribute 2(to) Fritz W”. This frame was then stored for almost 20 years before the actual owner, from Sweden, acquired it in May 2019 with the intent to start his own Egli project.

As the project was maturing around this engine, another route was taken for his project to build the bike with an ETPV billet frame designed by Terry Prince and Fritz Jr. Consequently, this original and unique Godet Egli Vincent frame is for sell with a full documentation from Fritz W. who confirmed the origin of the frame with the following statement “as the manufacturer of the EGLI brand motorcycles, I hereby confirm that the chassis listed below was manufactured by our licensee Patrick Godet on behalf of Egli Motorradtechnik AG. It is the second Egli chassis manufactured by Godet”.

This frame is now for sale on eBay: link

Philippe Guyony

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