For many Vincent enthusiasts which are fond of Specials, the Egli-Vincent is the Holy Grail, the Dream Bike, and for some even the Bike of a Lifetime. However, whatever the passion that you may have for it, an Egli-Vincent is an expensive move and time and patience is likely to be necessary before materializing an acquisition.

This is somewhat the story of Hervé Blondeau and his “early life as a Vincent rider” that I would like to share with you. Hervé lives near Besancon in France and rides motorcycles since the early teenage—a trial bike—to really start to ride on the road with a 125 RDX at the age of seventeen. Since, Hervé has own many very interesting bikes including a Ducati 900 MHR and a Norton Commando, but the brand that he is particularly fond of is Moto Guzzi, of which he still owns four outstanding models: a 1100 Quota that he uses for loaded trips, a side-car based on a 1000 Daytona, a 1000 Daytona RS and a very rare Ghezzi Brian 1100 Supertwin.

“My first contact with the Vincent community is back to 2005 when my brother-in-law acquired his Egli Vincent by Godet, a black Café Racer. It was immediately love at first sight, but which such a sticker price I also thought that it could not be for me before long. So, I continued to ride my Moto Guzzis, BMW, Ducati, Norton, and a modern Voxan Charade. Years went by but still as a happy rider!

Everything started the day my brother in law introduced me to his newly acquired Egli-Vincent Café Racer by Godet. I felt immediately for it recognizing that it would not be tomorrow that I could afford it. It was in 2005 and I will have to wait 11 years to get mine own. (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)

In 2015, as my brother-in-law organized the 4th EVG (Egli-Vincent Godet) Rally in our wonderful Jura region, he offered me to assist the Vincent riders because I knew well the local roads. It was my pleasure to join, riding my Voxan Charade. I probably did a good job, as for the 5th edition I was again invited to participate, this time in the region of the Natural Parc of the Mont Pilat, between Lyon and Valence. The Pilat is indeed a genuine maze for those who do not know it! Great ride through the twisty roads of the region with my Ducati MHR among the Vinnies. This is where I flashed on a beautiful 1000 Café Racer nicknamed Green Flash! The owner was then thinking to selling the bike soon, so the deal was quickly finalized because then my situation allowed it.

In 2015, I attended the 4th EVG Rally in the wonderful Jura region, I was offered to assist the Vincent riders because I knew well the local roads. It was my pleasure to join, riding my Voxan Charade, here behind the Egli. (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)
One year later, for the 5th EVG Rally, I was riding my Ducati 900 MHR and had the privilege to ride with numerous Egli-Vincents in the beautiful Natural Parc of the Mont Pilat between Lyon and Valence in France. (Courtesy of Feli Frei, Egli Motorrad)

The following year, in June 2017, I was therefore ready for attend my first EVG rally aboard my Egli-Vincent, which this time was organized in the beautiful region of the Saône et Loire at Montceau-les-Mines. I then continued to ride my bikes alternatively according to my mood or the purpose of the trip, but in October 2018, with brother-in-law, we decide to attend the traditional Lunch of the Normands: a 600 km day-trip, which on a café racer is not necessarily a pullman ride, but definitely very enjoyable and feasible. We stayed overnight at Rasputin’s home, went to the Sunday Luncheon in very good company and had great fun; then we rode the 600 km the other way to home on the next Monday. Last June, we rode to Montlhéry for the Café Racer Festival and pay a nice tribute to Patrick Godet with many of his friends and Vincent riders.. Since then, I have acquired a second Egli-Vincent Godet, a 1330 in Sport GT configuration, which will be more efficient and less tiring for the next outings as soon as we can ride again.”

It is also during this 5th EVG Rally that I met the owner of this “Green Flash” who was thinking to sell his bike. Shortly after, it was mine and I attended the next EVG Rally with my new Egli-Vincent, here in front of the Abbaye de Cluny. (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)
What is better than one Egli-Vincent? Two of course. In 2020, I acquired this 1330 Sport GT along my 998 Café Racer. (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)
I believe I can say that Moto Guzzi is a long-standing passion for me. I own 4 of them including this 1000 Daytona matted to a GX Racer by DJ Construction: very playful on twisty roads! (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)
My most “interesting” Italian is perhaps this Ghezzi Brian 1100 Supertwin; one of only 2 officially sold in France by Behra motos in 2001. (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)
I used regularly my 1100 Quota for long trips, fully loaded, like the pilgrimage to Mandello every 5 years. In 2021 it will be the 100 years of the brand and I will be there. (Courtesy of Hervé Blondeau)

Hervé Blondeau, interviewed by Philippe Guyony ©

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