I found on the web this interesting style study which was done by Aleck Jones from Norway. Yes (!) this is definitely very modern, as much as a Confederate can be today for those who are familiar with it. Too much? remember how modern a Rapide was in 1936 and still was in 1946 or even 1956. Agree? disagree? Don’t forget to give your opinion in the poll (end of page).

Philippe Guyony © October 2016

The result of the poll proposed on this page tells that a broad majority of those who provided their input prefers a Neo-retro design such the new Bonneville (45%), while the proponents of the modern design are quite balanced between 29% wishing a breakthrough design (not necessarily this one) and 26% a modern design but not so radical (i.e. practical) . A few comments listed the need for a modern sports tourer (not an impractical concept) or a more streamlined bike.

Edited December 3, 2016


© Aleck Jones
© Aleck Jones
© Aleck Jones
© Aleck Jones
© Aleck Jones
© Aleck Jones

see more at: http://twwhlspls.com/vincent-2020/


6 thoughts

  1. Ya, that was Great!!!
    Bt, as we all know about human generation. first of all we would like to compare with the previous one’s. can you describe….?

  2. Great post but err .. looking at the results seems like the Vincent crowd is just as polarized as US politics are at present with the majority so far voting for the Extremes .. either Metro NeoRetro … or Ultra Tron modern . So once again as the Steeler’s Wheel title says … I’m ” Stuck in the Middle ” .. sigh

    1. I am too half-surprised by the result; there are interesting comments left by the ones who did not chose the 3 suggested answers. I will summarize those in 2 weeks. Stay tuned. Philippe

      1. Revisiting this five months later I’ve gone from middle of the road to leaning hard towards : clean this design up just a bit and lets get the new Vincent show on the road . e.g. Modern all the way .

        PS; Your updates have been missed Philippe .

  3. Good to see that there are some open minds on this. I think that Phil Irving would have approved the concept. For my eyes, the cylinders seem tall and the push-rod tubes narrow angled (even Harley-ish yuk). It would seem to be pushrod engine, kind of too retro for this concept. I ‘d like to see more visual cues of the brilliant original engine. Have the designers considered having an (Tesla-like) insanity mode? Good effort though and I do hope that it generates some interest.

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