New Product for 2016
A limited series of EGLI CAMPAGNOLO wheels is now available from EGLI!
As the originals, these new wheels are made of a special Magnesium alloy.
Their production meet the current quality standards.
Available dimensions are:
Front: 2.5” x 18”
Rear: 4.5” x 18”
Price per set: CHF 3’490.00 incl. 8% TVA
(This is about $3,600 – 3,200 Euros and 2,500 GBP)
For further informations please contact:
Jürg Lindenmann
Rear wheel 4.5'' x 18''
Rear wheel 4.5” x 18”
Front wheel 2.5'' x 18''
Front wheel 2.5” x 18”

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