After more than forty years since the foundation of his business, Fritz Egli announced today that he found an agreement for his succession, and that backdated January 1st 2015, Swiss entrepreneur Alexander Frei acquired all shares of Egli Motorradtechnik AG. Fritz said that he will remain as technical consultant to the new business. For more details, see the included press release and annex.

Philippe Guyony

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.36.53 AM.png

Succession EMT E

Egli Press 1 EN

5 thoughts

  1. Please tell me that Royal Enfield monstrosity is not what will be produced? BikeExif calendar girl from 2009…soon to be parked next to fat-tire choppers.

    What do you know about Frei? Any word on his intentions? Thanks for breaking the story, Philippe!

    All the best, Paul

    Paul d’Orléans Editor for Custom&Style, Cycle World Author: ‘The Chopper’ (Gestalten) ‘The Ride’ (with BikeExif/Gestalten), ‘Cafe Racers’ (Motorbooks) Twitter: @thevintagent Instagram: @thevintagent Facebook: the Vintagent +1 415 378 8787


    1. Hi Paul, it is unclear for the moment what Frei is going to do, although he seems to have a solid background of businessman and a genuine passion for Motorsport (based on the included press releases), so my guess is that he is looking well beyond the dealership of the Royal Enfield and Norton that is today the core of the Egli Motorradtechnik business. Let’s see what the future will be made of. Cheers Philippe

  2. First of all congratulations to Fritz on his well deserved retirement . Second , thank goodness the company will still exist . But to add to Mr D’Orleans concerns here’s hoping Frei manages to maintain the original ‘ spirit ‘ of Egli and not resort to what I like to call the current Metro Retro Suburban Urban Hipster syndrome . e.g. All fashionista with absolutely zero functionality . Egli was and always should be about quality and advancing the breed . Not falling into the trap of what ever ephemeral trend happens to exist at the moment

  3. Philippe, many thanks for forwarding my query to Frei; it turns out I know his cousin, John Frei, very well, as we’re both in the Velocette club here in San Francisco. Alexander Frei spent some time at UC Berkeley, and bought a Norton Commando from my friend John Gallivan, who owned TT Motors in the 70s/80s… Alex still owns the Norton! It was John who made the connection that John and Alex are family – small world, eh? I’m waiting until Alex is ready to discuss his plans with the press… all the best, and congrats again on breaking the story. yours, Paul

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