This 1000 GT was built by Godet Motorcycles and has a 1968 registration. Fitted with the classic 998 engine and the 4-speed gearbox, the bike is in outstanding condition with very low mileage. It has several desirable options (230mm 4LS Fontana, Side panels, Vincent bar) or features that Patrick developed specially for it (e.g. swappable Vincent 2-seater with this Café Racer seat, concealed electrics. tank fitted on AVMs or swappable Vincent pegs with Black Lightning rearset…). Located in the USA (Wisconsin). $90,000 email

This Egli-Vincent 1000 GT was built as the ultimate roadster of the 1960s. The paint scheme was inspired by the wheels of Vincents featuring metal with black and red strips. (Photo © Philippe Guyony)
Aboard the 1000 GT, back in the 1960s, with the incredible effortless Vincent twin powerplant. (Photo © Bruce Metcalf)
Patrick Godet brought Fritz Egli’s creation to the next level and was internationally recognized by his peers and mentor Fritz. (Photo © Philippe Guyony)
The front wheel is laced on a massive 230mm 4LS Grimeca with stainless spokes. (Photo © Philippe Guyony)
As it comes for performance and purity of design, no bike come close. (Photo © Philippe Guyony)
The Gold Star exhaust outlines a unique feature of this bike: swappable Vincent (Feridax) 2-seater and this Cafe Racer seat wrapped with leather and Vincent pegs (above) with Black Lightning rear set. (Photo © Philippe Guyony)

For Sale in the US, 1968 Egli-Vincent

Egli-Vincent 1000 GT

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    1. Antoine, yes this is an interesting bike indeed. imported (back) in France that would be about 75,000 Euros which is substantially lower than a new Godet which are I believe about 90,000 Euros with the TVA

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